Most insane thing I’ve seen all day – 11-17-10

In My Life Scoop’s “25 Gifts for Him Under $100” roundup, I spotted this:

From Fitzsu, an “Office Brush Pen Holder”. I thought it was a cute idea on how to re-purpose a scrub brush. Until i saw that it cost $60.00. SIXTY DOLLARS!!! So for $60, you can either get one of those, or 10 of these (and still have over $5 left):

Flip them upside down, stick some pens in them, and call it a day.


I like stuff: 11-16-10


Hark! A Vagrant – this is the site of web comic genius/amateur historian Kate Beaton. On days that she puts up a new comic, I am guaranteed to have a great day. It’s science like that. Here’s my favorite.

Awesome nursery on Ohdeedoh – While I really like the nursery my husband and I put together for our son, I am admittedly kicking myself for not coming up with something this awesome.

This totally DOES look like Jesus.

Best of the West Wing – I admit that almost all of my favorite political moments are really just scenes from the West Wing.

Double Rainbow Quick Pops – I don’t care that it may be cold out and this meme is a bit tired. Do this now.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries – I once tried to make these without a recipe and they were a complete and total failure. Next time, I’ll follow this recipe, because the finished product looks GOOD.

Creative Home Offices – I totally have a thing for office decor (especially home offices) and cute office supplies (in fact, I am working on a cute office supply post). Here’s a great collection of creative home offices at Apartment Therapy. Note: the curtains in the yellow one are so awesome.


I like stuff: 11-9-10

PostSecret – this site isn’t exactly a secret anymore, but I know there are some people out there who have not discovered it. This is an ongoing project where people send in anonymous postcards revealing their deepest secrets. There is incredible strength in reading them, to find out what joins and separates all of us.

Keds Sneakers – they’re selling limited edition sneakers with designs from the 1990s. I personally love the Champion Riff Slip On, and Champion Riff in the darker color.

Pendleton Woolen Mill eBay store – The Pendleton Mill in Portland, Oregon has a store where you can buy their gorgeous wool fabric (and other items) by the yard. For those of us not lucky enough to be near this store, you can check out their eBay store!

Crocheted Christmas Baubles – this is the 1,439,367th reason I need to learn crochet. How neat are these ornaments?

Baked Sweet Potato Fries – I once tried to make Sweet Potato Fries without using a recipe. It failed on a massive level. Next time, I’ll try these!

National Portrait Gallery Hide/Seek Portrait of a Gay Relationship – This piece of art is simple and brilliant.

Yokoo shop on etsy – I have a big ol’ fat crush on this shop, especially for this piece.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Am I the only one out there who still associates Tuesdays with Buffy?

Cheap and pretty, that’s what they say about me

I recently bet someone at work $20 that I could fix a problem they were having on their computer.  What should I spend my crisp new Andrew Jackson on? Perhaps one of these cute items that’s under $20…

Ruche Bright As Button Earrings – $9.99

There are only two pairs left, and one of them is MINE, ladies.

Urban Outfitters Love Bird Trinket Dish, $6

Wouldn’t this look great in your home, as a catch-all dish for keys, jewelry, or spare change?

DKNY Lace Net Tights Hosiery – reg. $18, on sale for $13.50

If you’re interested in patterned tights but a bit afraid to take the plunge, try pairing these with a simple black skirt and heels.

Anthropologie Carnation Pouf Pair, $15

Tuck a couple of these into a loose chignon, or just to pull your bangs to the side as they grow out.

H&M Cardigan, $19.95

I am about two hours away from the nearest H&M store. I think I need to arrange for a field trip.

Forever 21 Faceted Hearts Hoop Earrings, $5.80

I love getting bargains when it comes to bigger, trendier pieces of jewelry, especially with ones that won’t be worn with a ton of outfits.

Indiaylaluna Knot Ring in Sterling Silver, $19

This is such a sweet, delicate piece of jewelry – so delicate that only you and a few admirers may see it, but that makes it more special and intimate.

OMG Bags

My “holy grail” is the perfect bag. Nix that, my holy grail is a dozen perfect bags, because I no longer feel that there is one perfect purse that fulfills my every need. And in case you were wondering, here are my needs for a bag:

1. Look good but doesn’t have to try too hard to do so. (So, no rhinestones or superfluous ruffle-y shit or flashy stuff.)

2. Carry a lot. I’m a new mom and a pack rat. I need something that can carry at LEAST a few items of makeup, my phone, my keys, my book, my journal/to-do list book, my wallet, my sunglasses, my eyedrops, and that thirteen cents swimming around the bottom of every purse I own.

3. Be easy to carry. Sorry, clutches. But I need to have one (if not both) hand and arm totally free.

4. Not break the bank. Only once have I spent more than $100 on a purse. It was totally worth it, though.

Here are some purses I have been giving sex-eyes to lately. Dear husband: Any (all) of these would be excellent Christmas gifts, HINT HINT SLEDGEHAMMER.

ASOS Suede Studded Punchout Pocket Satchel, $112.06

This bag makes me think of fall. Specifically, a college campus in autumn, spreading out a Pendleton blanket over the leaf-covered quad lawn and pulling out my journal to notate my deep thoughts from my latest Philosophy class. Then writing a reminder to add leather elbow patches to all of my tweed blazers.

Kinies QT Canvas Tote, $42

Usually, I hate bows. but the way the designer has incorporated them into the bag’s seams makes it downright charming. LOVE this bag. It’s available in a variety of colors, but this goldenrod color makes me smile.

Pansy Maiden Large Organic Weekender, $128

LOVELY is the first word that comes to mind for this bag. I’m really loving navy lately, especially in the form of crisp, new denim. The soft yellow straps are a gorgeous touch.

American Apparel Quilted Nylon Laptop Bag, $38

This is one of those things where I am not entirely sure WHY I like this, but I do.  There’s something very nostalgic about it. And I suspect that baby barf would be easy to wipe off the surface.

Rib and Hull Lambskin Slouch Handbag, $196

This is an example of good construction + good material = great design. Plus, the leather looks so soft, I just want to cuddle the bag.

Moop – The Letter Bag – $118

The red color of this bag looks like it’s enough to get attention without having to scream for it. Plus, I’m all about pretty bags that are not made of leather or faux-leather. Canvas can be really pretty!

Pink Studio Unity Tote, $78

Very simple construction, no bells or whistles, but the fabric makes it look so interesting. Plus it has a zippered opening so everything doesn’t fall out when your purse falls off the car seat AGAIN and now your lip balm has rolled under the passenger seat.