Cheap and pretty, that’s what they say about me

I recently bet someone at work $20 that I could fix a problem they were having on their computer.  What should I spend my crisp new Andrew Jackson on? Perhaps one of these cute items that’s under $20…

Ruche Bright As Button Earrings – $9.99

There are only two pairs left, and one of them is MINE, ladies.

Urban Outfitters Love Bird Trinket Dish, $6

Wouldn’t this look great in your home, as a catch-all dish for keys, jewelry, or spare change?

DKNY Lace Net Tights Hosiery – reg. $18, on sale for $13.50

If you’re interested in patterned tights but a bit afraid to take the plunge, try pairing these with a simple black skirt and heels.

Anthropologie Carnation Pouf Pair, $15

Tuck a couple of these into a loose chignon, or just to pull your bangs to the side as they grow out.

H&M Cardigan, $19.95

I am about two hours away from the nearest H&M store. I think I need to arrange for a field trip.

Forever 21 Faceted Hearts Hoop Earrings, $5.80

I love getting bargains when it comes to bigger, trendier pieces of jewelry, especially with ones that won’t be worn with a ton of outfits.

Indiaylaluna Knot Ring in Sterling Silver, $19

This is such a sweet, delicate piece of jewelry – so delicate that only you and a few admirers may see it, but that makes it more special and intimate.


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