I like stuff: 11-16-10


Hark! A Vagrant – this is the site of web comic genius/amateur historian Kate Beaton. On days that she puts up a new comic, I am guaranteed to have a great day. It’s science like that. Here’s my favorite.

Awesome nursery on Ohdeedoh – While I really like the nursery my husband and I put together for our son, I am admittedly kicking myself for not coming up with something this awesome.

This totally DOES look like Jesus.

Best of the West Wing – I admit that almost all of my favorite political moments are really just scenes from the West Wing.

Double Rainbow Quick Pops – I don’t care that it may be cold out and this meme is a bit tired. Do this now.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries – I once tried to make these without a recipe and they were a complete and total failure. Next time, I’ll follow this recipe, because the finished product looks GOOD.

Creative Home Offices – I totally have a thing for office decor (especially home offices) and cute office supplies (in fact, I am working on a cute office supply post). Here’s a great collection of creative home offices at Apartment Therapy. Note: the curtains in the yellow one are so awesome.



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