Daily outfit: I don’t feel like coming up with a title


Scarf: was my grandmother’s. Says Chanel but I think it’s a knock-off.
Turtleneck: gap
Skirt: j.crew
Shoes: j.crew
Bracelet: j.crew
Earrings: kendra scott, bridesmaid gift from my bff

I’m just not feeling it today. I had a story, but never mind. So, here’s what I am wearing today.


Daily outfit: Beware of camels


Shirt: j.crew
Pants: gap outlet
Shoes: j.crew
Belt: target
Necklace: gift from mother-in-law, from an arizona artist
Bracelet: j.crew

Husband: “Don’t make me take a picture of your outfit today.”
Me: “what? Why not?”
Husband: “We’re already running late!”

This was true. Most mornings, we are trying to rush out the door with everything for work and for Jack’s day at nursery school. Outfit photos are a low priority.

So I am back in the bathroom again, and when taking today’s photos I realized my pants were snug in a particularly unflattering area. So this photo is post-adjustment, but I shudder to think how long I had been walking around like that. Oh well.

Daily outfit: matching stripes


Top: j.crew
Tank (underneath top): target
Pants: gap outlet
Shoes: j.crew
Earrings in Jack’s hand: claire’s

This picture was taken in our kitchen this morning by my ever-helpful husband who puts up with my ridiculous projects such as “daily outfit” photos.

Since I buy most of Jack’s clothes, it seems my love of stripes has spilled into his outfits as well. Who says moms and sons can’t wear (somewhat) matching clothes?

If you’re worried about Jack pulling on my hoop earring, don’t be – these earrings detach easily. See:


They pull right off if he tugs on them too hard. I wish all of my earrings worked like that.

Unsolicited advice: photos

Your baby… always photogenic, no matter what. Moms? Not so much. While I personally love you and think you look great with your under-eye circles, perhaps you’re reluctant to get in a photo with your baby. Especially when your baby is SO DAMN CUTE that you may look like an evil sleepy troll in comparison.

May I suggest using an app like Instagram or Hipstamatic? Because the best part of those nostalgic filters is how well they hide dark circles and zits. Observe:





Better, eh?

Daily outfit: new stuff


Shirt: j.crew
Skirt: vintage (from Nicci in a clothing swap)
Shoes: nine west
Bracelet: j.crew
Belt: gap

My poor husband moved our full length mirror out of the closet this weekend, and I still took today’s photo in the office bathroom. Grateful wife FAIL.

Yesterday, I took two pair of unflattering pants back to J.Crew and got this shirt and bracelet (and another sweater which will be on later this week) in exchange. This shirt is bright pink gingham – not something I would normally gravitate to, but I love it and it makes me smile. That criteria is what I am trying to use in picking outfits these days – if I love it and it makes me smile, then I’ve got to wear it.

When I was at J.Crew, I found a lot of stuff that I loved until I tried it on, and it would then have just one thing that I did not love. And if I am going to pay J.Crew prices, I better LOVE it completely.

This belt is a very old men’s belt from Gap, purchased at least 15 years ago. My husband was kind enough to drill extra holes in it so that I can wear it around my actual waist (instead of hips, where most of my pants rise to because I have a long torso) and I looped the extra length in a slipknot around itself.

Daily outfit: dress and jeans (sort of)


Cardigan: Juicy Couture
Dress (tucked in to look like a shirt): Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: J.crew

I bought this dress at Target because I love the pattern but the dress itself is short enough to highlight my lovely cellulite when worn alone. So I tucked it in today, and I like it so much I may just cut 18 inches off the hem and make it a shirt permanently.