Unsolicited advice: pregnancy sweats

(There are a ton of pregnancy and childcare books and websites and resources out there. And when I was pregnant, I’m pretty sure I read all of them. But as Erik and I muddle through this journey called “parenting”, I am blown away by the amount of information that I was not given, and things I was not warned about. So as I am a person who has more opinions than tact, I decided to share them as I feel that women should be warned about some of these things. I encourage any parents or caregivers or currently/formerly pregnant people to chime in. I’ll share them as I think of them.)

Your body, post-childbirth: no matter what kind of delivery you have, expect to have crazy night sweats for about a week after. Like “Whitney Houston On Stage At A D.A.R.E. Benefit” kind of sweats. Don’t use the good sheets on the bed – sleep on some towels and expect to change night clothes at least once a night. This is excess water leaving your body. Don’t panic.


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