Daily outfit: the constantly wrinkled skirt


Shirt: j.crew
Cardigan: j.crew
Skirt: j.crew
Shoes: target

I love J.Crew and I hate them as well. I love how this skirt is SUPPOSED to look, but hate that it wrinkles so easily (more than my linen skirt does, what’s that about?) and that the pockets are only deep enough for my fingers up to the first knuckle. I would like to have a clothing line where everything has pockets big enough to stash your hands and your phone. And it will be perfect for me and Ricky Bobby and those who don’t know what to do with their hands.


One thought on “Daily outfit: the constantly wrinkled skirt

  1. Yeah, I totally know how you feel. Love how clothes is supposed to look, especially when they’re new, but then later it doesn’t look the same anymore. 😦 Cute outfit though!

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