Daily outfit: new stuff


Shirt: j.crew
Skirt: vintage (from Nicci in a clothing swap)
Shoes: nine west
Bracelet: j.crew
Belt: gap

My poor husband moved our full length mirror out of the closet this weekend, and I still took today’s photo in the office bathroom. Grateful wife FAIL.

Yesterday, I took two pair of unflattering pants back to J.Crew and got this shirt and bracelet (and another sweater which will be on later this week) in exchange. This shirt is bright pink gingham – not something I would normally gravitate to, but I love it and it makes me smile. That criteria is what I am trying to use in picking outfits these days – if I love it and it makes me smile, then I’ve got to wear it.

When I was at J.Crew, I found a lot of stuff that I loved until I tried it on, and it would then have just one thing that I did not love. And if I am going to pay J.Crew prices, I better LOVE it completely.

This belt is a very old men’s belt from Gap, purchased at least 15 years ago. My husband was kind enough to drill extra holes in it so that I can wear it around my actual waist (instead of hips, where most of my pants rise to because I have a long torso) and I looped the extra length in a slipknot around itself.


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