Daily outfit: lots of praise


Sweater: j.crew
Dress: target
Belt: gap (VERY old)
Sandals: target

I have received a TON of compliments on this outfit, so I obviously need to go back to target and buy the dress in another color. Erik may not agree though, but I think his only issue with the outfit was “that belt looks weird.”


Daily outfit: back in the office


Shirt: NY & Co.
Skirt: banana republic
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (lol)
Jewelry: all vintage, from my grandma’s collection

I’m back in the office today, after being out for two days. Jack and I were both hit with a wicked cold. I’m fully recovered, and he is at least well enough to go back to daycare.

Today is the first outfit during this project that is 100% j.crew free. The jewelry is from my grandma’s collection – this week, my mom brought over a big bag of her costume jewelry, and there are all sorts of goodies in there. I’m also wearing these:


Which are a half size too small and hurt, but are cute enough that I don’t mind.

Daily outfit: casual friday


Shirt: j.crew
Cardigan: j.crew
Jeans: gap
Sandals: target
Wallet: nordstrom
Sunglasses: anthropologie

I walked in the bathroom to take this picture while I was on my way to grab my morning soda and coffee. It wasn’t until after I saw the picture that I realized my sunglasses were still on my head. Go figure.

Daily outfit: no nonsense


Shirt: j.crew
Pants: gap outlet
Belt: target
Shoes: j.crew

This outfit is nothing special, but it served a purpose. Today at work I would be doing a lot of moving around, so I needed something comfortable. And this afternoon, Jack had physical therapy which meant I needed an outfit that would let me sit and lie on the floor with him without flashing anything. This outfit got the job done.

Daily outfit: damn scarf


Scarf: madewell
Shirt: j.crew
Pants: j.crew
Shoes: target

I originally planned to wear a skirt today – a coral one I found thrifting with Nicci. But after lots of time outside this weekend, my legs are spotted with a dozen mosquito bites that are better off under wraps. So, pants.

Then, I originally had this scarf wrapped as a belt. But trying to adjust it after my first bathroom break was too frustrating. So, necklace-style.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We were able to do work around the house, go to a housewarming party, and take Jack to his first trip to a swimming pool. Summer weekends are the best.