What it means to be a boy in my house

It means you wait every morning for Mommy to finish her makeup. And you wait very patiently. Good to know that Jack and Stanley have picked up on this from their daddy.



Halloween Baby Costumes (or, one reason why Jack may need therapy as an adult)

My son is at that golden age where he is too young to decide what he wants to be for Halloween.So he destiny on this all Hallows Eve is in my evil, evil hands. I’m completely stumped for costume ideas this year, so I’m browsing through Amazon for some ideas. I’m only half serious about some of these, guys. Please, leave ideas/thoughts in the comments!


Perhaps an Angry Bird?

A little turkey?

A boxer?


A bank robber’s accessory?

OMG I could be Amelie, and Jack could be the gnome!

A Super Trooper?



King Kong?