Biting off more than I can chew: My Love of Pinterest

Do you know Pinterest? I’m sure you do. It’s an incredibly addictive site to collect beautiful images and ideas, and share them with others. It’s a way to collect all the things you wish you could do/eat/wear/see. Or in my case, a way to collect ideas for all the things you wish you could do with your house if you thought your husband would let you get away with it.

My husband and I moved into our house a few years ago. During the first year, we did a bit to remodel and redecorate. New paint, new lights, tile floor in the kitchen, and more. But since then, we’ve had plenty of ideas but not much of the time or extra funds to carry them out. We’re hoping to get cracking on some projects soon, so my brain has gone into overload trying to decide where to start.

Here’s my Pinterest board for house stuff, and some websites I’ve been combing for ideas. Let me know what you think! Are you planning any home projects?
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Apartment Therapy

Young House Love


Little Green Notebook

Style by Emily Henderson (her show on HGTV, “Secrets of A Stylist”, is AMAZING!)


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