The oldest member of the household

Fred joined the household over 10 years ago, just after Halloween in 2001. He and his sister Holly were born on September 12, the day after the world came crumbling down. Fred and Holly helped me put things in my life back together, and made me smile when things would fall apart again. Fred lived in his sister’s shadow, and was the beta to her alpha. Less then 4 years ago, Holly passed away and Fred was on his own. Not long after, Stanley joined the family but did not take Holly’s role. Instead, Fred is now the alpha, and everyone else is beta.

He’s fat despite being on a diet for 7 years, and he hates being picked up or touched or petted unless he initiates it. And if he sits in the same room as you, that means he accepts you. He will always be a kitten to me.








2 thoughts on “The oldest member of the household

  1. I always feel “approved” when I am at your house and he comes in the room. Of course, the fact that I feed him when you are away may help. God save the Fred.

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